Warning: What Can You Do About Conservatory Roofs Right Now

It is rare that a conservatory requires a completely new roof structure but if needed we can provide this including all components: glazing bars and cappings, eaves beams, wall plate, gutters, and glazing. As it is open to wind, rain, snow and sun that can deteriorate the structure and damage the roof panels causing: leaks, failed flashings and valley gutters, slipped panels, discolouration of roof panels and components etc. making the conservatory look distinctly ‘down at heel’. Dramatically Transforms the Appearance and Light – New conservatory roof panels, window frames and components. With our specialist components we can refurbish/repair and upgrade the existing roof with high performance roof glazing, and thereby avoid the expense and disruption of removing and replacement of the whole roof, or replacing the conservatory. There are a number of ways that we can upgrade your existing conservatory roof with our ‘Thermo’ range of roof panels, and as specialists we will advise you of the options, and the best course of action. The heat reflectors that are incorporated in Thermo conservatory roof panels can also be fitted ‘in-situ’ to existing sound roofs to upgrade their performance for summer comfort, and to cut winter heat loss.

Our ‘Thermo 60’, and ‘Thermo 80’ range are designed for Polycarbonate and Glass roofed conservatories to provide comfortable all year use of the conservatory so that it can be added to your living space. Using materials like glass can often provide a vast open feel to your space, but ultimately might feel like a greenhouse in the summer months due to the trapping of heat in the property. To provide: exceptional winter insulation, and where required solar control for winter and summer comfort so that the conservatory can be used throughout the year as part of the living area. Cool, glare free and comfortable in Summer. Consider the option of Self-cleaning glass; it has a brilliant coating that needs minimal maintenance it has been designed to keep the glass free from dirt and grime. A member of our team will be happy to help with whatever you need; they can even provide you with a free quote. We can help you get at least one bespoke quote from trusted conservatory roofing contractor in your area.

It really pays to get the right solution by fitting our ‘Thermo’ replacement conservatory roof panels, and new conservatory roofs. Browse through our range of conservatory roof styles below to find out more or get in touch to discuss with one of our team. Simply follow the step by step process to input your specifications and you’ll be able to get a cost that has been tailored to exactly what you need. Generally, the entire process should take about 6 working days to complete. We can transform a tired too hot / too cold old style conservatory by replacing the old weathered polycarbonate or glass roof with a stylish tiled conservatory roof. TapcoSlate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style. Our high-quality products will bring you an array of benefits, including enhanced insulation, weatherproofing and design. FreeIndex is not liable for any products or services provided by the business. Disclaimer : FreeIndex makes every effort to ensure the business information provided by Kingfisher Windows, Doors and Conservatory Roofs is accurate.

We can identify these and advise you once the conservatory is inspected to determine the roof manufacturer. All our roof solutions are available with heat reflectors for Solar control and further enhanced Winter insulation performance. But when high insulation roof glazing is installed the heat is captured and simply flows into the house by opening the internal doors. Thermo 80 roof. This system comprises the Thermo ’60’ system, with the addition of transparent insulating panels neatly installed between the internal glazing bar rebates to ensure that there is no change in the internal appearance, and thermal breaks to cut heat loss through the structure of the conservatory. Forms of insulation are felt or plastic sheeting, sometimes with a reflective surface, installed directly below the tiles or other material; synthetic foam batting laid above the ceiling and recycled paper products and other such materials that can be inserted or sprayed into roof cavities.

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